January 2020
The Big Stomp
January 2020
Episode Info

Recorded live on the 30th of January 2020, The Big Stomp returns in a new live radio show format.

The new Big Stomp host, Andrew Watton-Davies is joined by guests Marc Sykes, Jenna Pateman and Charlotte Brown to discuss about the latest geek and pop culture talking points.

The new format of the show encourages each guest bringing a notable topic or news story to the show.

First up, Charlotte brings attention to the recent trailer for Morbius and asks about the growing trend of villain spin-off comic book movies.

Marc debates with the panel about the recent delays to big video games like Cyberpunk 2077 and FF:VII Remake to ensure they are perfect for release. Is this something we should expect more of from developers now?

Finally, Jenna questions whether or not Disney were scared to make Finn and Poe a romantic item from the latest Star Wars trilogy.

The Big Stomp is recorded live every last Thursday of the month, the next show takes place on February 27th 2020. If you want to come along and join in the discord discussion as the episode broadcasts, then join The Stomping Grounds Facebook Group.

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