Episode 68 — Marketing and More with #1 Bestselling Author Allan Dib artwork
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Episode 68 — Marketing and More with #1 Bestselling Author Allan Dib

  • S2E68
  • 54:15
  • October 14th 2021

Paul goes unplugged in this interview. Literally. Maybe this was part of Paul’s plan to get Allan back for another episode, but the show must go on.

This isn't an ivory tower novel. What was the powering force for Allan writing The 1-Page Marketing Plan? You’ll be glad that Allan wrote a book to himself but shared it with everyone. Paul name drops some of the biggest names in direct response marketing. Pop quiz, Allan…

Shots fired. Allan says, "Don’t start with why. Start with buy." From attribution to target market, The Boardroom Buzz guest gives great advice on marketing for service businesses. Would it really be a Boardroom Buzz episode without mentioning pricing? Allan even gives his recent experience shopping for a plumber… and from there, a 1-star idea is born.

You would clone your customers (at least most of them), but how can you scale your business through word of mouth marketing? “Orchestrating and Stimulating Referrals” gets a chapter all to itself. Implementing the template will more than pay for your copy of Allan’s book.

Kohl’s finds a way to set a hook in the Baldwin budget. Have you implemented a voucher into your marketing strategy?

Patrick wasn’t expecting to find a derivative of The Pareto Principle (the 80/20 Rule) in Allan’s “marketing” book. There’s a lot more than marketing in this bestseller. High five for this week’s guest as he shares his take on entrepreneurship as a tool for social good.

If you get to listen to 1% of this episode, then listen to the angel investor bit ;) 

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