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Trauma Isn't Permanent with Dr. Michael Scheeringa

  • 1:00:49
  • February 14th 2022

Dr. Michael Scheeringa is ready to take on the establishment. In this case the establishment says trauma impacts your brain permanently.

Dr. Scheeringa says no. His new book, The Trouble with Trauma: The Search to Discover How Beliefs Become Facts, comes out March 1st.

This is a perfect discussion to have over a beer on The Brewmance.

Mike Russell and Rob Hunter not only ask Dr. Scheeringa about that, we get into the power of your beliefs.

Your beliefs are the most important thing in your life, which is why the belief that trauma is permanent could be detrimental.

The Brewmance gets personal this episode. Rob talks about his own limiting beliefs and how he is combating those. Mike tells you about his two head surgeries and how that impacts his daily life.

The Brewmance drinks beers sent by Mike's older brother, Big Brother Brew Steve. The beer is from Sycamore Brewing (Charlotte, NC). It's called Mountain Candy.

Join us for this very enlightening conversation. You'll learn a lot about the power your beliefs have and how you can change them whenever you want...with a little (or a lot of) inner work.

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