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The Carbon Removal Show | Negative Emissions, Net Zero, Climate Positive

S3 #1 | Getting serious about scale

  • S3E1
  • 34:10
  • December 12th 2023

We are back! Did you miss us?

Kicking off Season 3, Tom and Emily are exploring what it will take to grow the carbon removal industry to the scale we need. They speak to various actors in the carbon removal space, from project developers and policy experts to marketplaces and buyers. Their curiosity for the scaling problem took the team on a trip to Basel, Switzerland for a CDR conference hosted by Carbonfuture: Carbon Removal Basel.

The team uses this episode to highlight some key themes around trust and scaling up that will be explored throughout the season.

A huge thanks to our guests

Jan Minx, Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change, MCC and co-author of The State of Carbon Dioxide Removal report

Hannes Junginger, CEO and co-founder at Carbonfuture

Ben Brandt, CPO and co-founder at Ledgy

Adam Sipthorpe, Senior Portfolio Manager - CDRs at South Pole

Paolo Piffaretti, CEO and co-founder at Carbonx

Sebastian Manhart, Senior Policy Advisor at Carbonfuture

Our guests for this episode were recorded in April 2023. Their input reflects the individuals' and organisations’ views at that time.

To learn more about The Carbon Removal Show, including further reading and all our sources, head to thecarbonremovalshow.com.

Thanks to Carbonfuture for hosting us at their inaugural Carbon Removal Basel even

And thanks to Cofruition for consulting on and producing the show.


State of CDR: https://www.stateofcdr.org/resources

Carbonfuture’s recap of Carbon Removal Basel: https://www.carbonfuture.com/magazine/recap-of-carbon-removal-basel-2023 

Carbon Removal Basel retirement credits: https://platform.carbonfuture.earth/balancer/portfolios/view/main/50fa5b10-e4de-412c-8d75-0d1df060a63b

The Carbon Removal Show

The facts are clear - the planet is heating up because of emissions humans are putting into the atmosphere.

Even if we are able to cut out all our carbon emissions as fast as possible, we would still need to remove carbon we've already put in the atmosphere to hit global temperature targets.

Join Emily Swaddle and Tom Previte as they explore the world of carbon removal. What is it? Why is it necessary? How does it work? And who is doing it?

Along the way they'll be speaking to the people who are working to make carbon removal a widespread reality.

For more information on carbon removal, head to restored.cc.