Be that Expert the Public Knows: Lauren Banyar Reich Explains How Earned Media Elevates your Business artwork
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Be that Expert the Public Knows: Lauren Banyar Reich Explains How Earned Media Elevates your Business

  • S2E67
  • 37:38
  • June 3rd 2024

“…If you've got $50,000 to buy… a front page ad in the Sunday paper, great. Anybody with $50,000 can, you know, can pay for that ad… It doesn't necessarily set you apart in any way. And what earned media is, is it's when you're mentioned in that story, when you're in that blog, when you're on that podcast, and many cases when you're on that stage."

- Lauren Banyar Reich

Welcome to a brand new episode of the Cash Flow CFO Podcast. Join me for a conversation with Lauren Banyar Reich, the founder and CEO of public relations firm LBR PR. Lauren and her team excel at advancing clients’ business goals by connecting them with high-visibility media opportunities. LBR PR matches clients with media outlets seeking expert commentary, bylined articles, product features, and more. The company’s clients receive attention from prestigious publications like the Wall Street Journal, websites like Refinery29, and major metro area TV. Lauren emphasizes the outsized public credibility boost offered by these earned media appearances, when compared to paid media, AKA advertising.

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“…Earned media tends to also beget more earned media. Because even journalists are looking up who's the go to source.”

- Lauren Banyar Reich


An Early Passion

Lauren shares her journey into PR, which began with a nudge from an English teacher who saw her strengths in public speaking and writing. She studied journalism at the University of Maryland, where she fell in love with PR for its blend of storytelling and communication. Her passion for the field has kept her engaged and driven, finding endless opportunities across various industries. We discuss how these early skills set the foundation for her successful career and the launch of LBR PR.


Reach Those Who Skip Ads

We talk about the evolving landscape of PR within the marketing mix. Lauren explains how earned media can amplify other marketing efforts, like content, SEO, and advertising. She states the importance of building credibility and visibility for clients, citing examples of successful campaigns that strategically targeted specific industry publications and events. This holistic approach helps businesses achieve their goals by making them more recognizable and trusted in their fields.

What Money Can’t Always Buy

Lauren discusses the differences between earned and paid media, explaining how each serves distinct purposes in a comprehensive marketing strategy. Earned media, achieved through credibility and expertise, can significantly lower customer acquisition costs and build long-term trust. For those looking to get their names out in the public, Lauren suggests building relationships with journalists who often need the help of expert commentators. She tells us how she’s gone about that.

“They've heard you give really insightful… takeaways and concrete things that they've remembered, right? So… when they walk in that door, whatever that door is, whether it's onto your website, into your office, over the phone, whatever that looks like, even your LinkedIn profile, they're further down that path of really feeling like they know you and like you and trust you than they would have been if you came in cold.”

- Lauren Banyar Reich


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