Putting out Fires When it Comes to New Hires: Jamie Van Cuyk Talks the Art of Finding Talent artwork
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Putting out Fires When it Comes to New Hires: Jamie Van Cuyk Talks the Art of Finding Talent

  • S2E61
  • 36:41
  • April 22nd 2024

“…One of the things that I remind my clients with all the time is any shortcuts you take during the hiring process will cost you when it comes to managing that team member.”

- Jamie Van Cuyk

Welcome to a brand new episode of the Cash Flow CFO Podcast. Join me in this conversation with Jamie Van Cuyk, the founder and lead strategist of Growing Your Team. Leveraging more than 15 years of expertise, Jamie helps women-owned small businesses master their hiring practices. Her company teaches how to find long-lasting team members and avoid the costly cycle of hiring and firing.

Join us to learn the whole story!

“…I ask my clients… what's the goal of this position? They'll say to save me time. And I'm like, that's great, but why this position? What is this position going to do for you? How is it going to save you time?”

- Jamie Van Cuyk

Trial by Fire

Jamie explains her evolution from corporate marketing to entrepreneurship, with time spent starting a software company, and ultimately founding Growing Your Team. Initially focused on large-scale clients, Jamie pivoted her business to serve smaller operators, after realizing their demand for hiring know-how. And with years invested in the field, Jamie shares what she likes to tell those facing strategic talent acquisition decisions.

Serious Business

Clear and honest job postings attract ideal candidates, Jamie stresses. She explains the significance of aligning job descriptions with the roles' actual responsibilities, set against realistic expectations. She emphasizes the financial impact of bad hires, citing studies that show a wrong hire can cost a business some $7,000 dollars, at a minimum.

Let Go to Grow

Jamie also discusses the importance of filling roles with candidates capable of improving a company’s performance, not just maintaining it. As she puts it, unwillingness to delegate, and fear of new perspectives can hinder owners who mistakenly focus on how duties are performed, instead of welcoming new opinions and methods.

“…Ask yourself, does this need to be done right or does it need to be done by me? And if the answer is it just needs to be done right, you can train someone to do it right. There are things in your business that do need to be done by you as your business grows. That list should actually be getting smaller and smaller...”

- Jamie Van Cuyk

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