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How to Drive Profitable Growth and Build a Scalable Business with Mandi Ellefson of the Hands-Off CEO

  • S2E53
  • 47:41
  • January 29th 2024

"...the CEO just kind of gets stuck in all the different pieces of the company and it just becomes this monster that even as you staff up, even when you bring in management, you still find yourself stuck in the day to day…And what's happening is they're building themselves into the model of the business and you cannot scale that “

- Mandi Ellefson

Welcome to a brand new episode of the Cash Flow CFO Podcast. Join me on this episode as I interview Mandi Ellefson, the founder of Hands-Off CEO. She and her team scale million dollar consulting agencies, with less reliance on the CEO. She helps them first generate more cash to scale with an irresistible offer that's easier to sell. And attracts clients that pay 50-600% higher fees– in 90 days or less. This helps the CEO free up time to focus up to 1/2 of their work week on accelerating profits. Mandi is a published author of The Hands-Off CEO and a host of the Hands-Off CEO podcast.

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" the problem is…you need systems, but you need the right systems that are built upon the right offers. And if you don't have the right offers, you're not going to have enough profit to be able to actually hire the right people to remove yourself from this.”

-Mandi Ellefson

Background and Journey:

Mandi delves into her accidental entry into this field, stemming from her own struggles with a dependent agency. Being pregnant with her second child, she shut down her business temporarily, leading to introspection. Mandi talks about her journey, testing, and problem-solving that eventually shaped her approach to support CEOs in freeing up time and maximizing profits.

Services and Challenges:

Mandi sheds light on how Hands-Off CEO supports businesses in creating scalable and exciting ventures. She emphasizes the importance of having the right offer, pricing, and value proposition to drive profitable growth. Addressing common pitfalls, she discusses the challenges CEOs face when trying to delegate or hire better people without the foundational elements in place.

Building a Scalable Business Model:

The conversation explores the significance of intentional growth and the need for CEOs to define their business models clearly. Mandi highlights the value of a compelling vision, transformation-focused services, and pricing strategies. The discussion concludes with insights into transitioning from a referral-based to an intentional lead generation approach for sustainable business growth.

"The problem is… with scaling, everyone looks at operations and the operations are just… the glue that holds everything together. But really what you need to be looking at is…how are you positioning your services in the market? What are the kind of transformations that you're providing?”

-Mandi Ellefson

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