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Connected Data World 2021 Program Roundtable [CDW21]

  • S2E10
  • 1:33:05
  • December 1st 2021

#CDW21 kicks off with a live discussion among our top-notch contributors and Program Committee members, and you're all invited!

Join us as we have a sneak peek through the CDW21 program, and discuss the Connected Data landscape.

The CDW21 Program Committee members will go through the 50+ sessions and 70+ speakers, and talk about:

  • The Connected Data landscape
  • Knowledge Graphs
  • Graph Databases
  • Graph Analytics
  • Graph Data Science &
  • Semantic Technology
  • Topics, speakers and talks that piqued our interest
  • Our own work in the domain and how it cross-cuts #CDW21
  • Community chat and Ask Me Anything
  • More in-depth topics as time permits:
  • Hiring a team for building knowledge graphs: required roles and skills, what can be taught? 
  • I want a knowledge graph! What next? The process of starting to build a knowledge graph for an organisation: assessment of need, use cases, support needed from management etc.
  • Triple Store vs Labelled Property Graphs: It's not either-or, it's both and more!

With an all-star Program Committee and lineup, this will be a tour de force in Connected Data.

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