Graph for Good: Empowering your NGO | Mario Bastande artwork
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Graph for Good: Empowering your NGO | Mario Bastande

  • S2E4
  • 32:15
  • May 3rd 2021

May graph technology improve the deployment of humanitarian projects? The goal of using what we call “Graphs for good at Action Against Hunger” is to be more efficient and transparent, and this can have a crucial impact on people’s lives.

Is there common behaviour factors between different projects? Can elements of different resources or projects be related? For example, security incidents in a city could influence the way other projects run in there.

The explained use case data comes from a project called Kit For Autonomous Cash Transfer in Humanitarian Emergencies (KACHE) whose goal is to deploy electronic cash transfers in emergency situations when no suitable infrastructure is available.

It also offers the opportunity to track transactions in order to better recognize crisis-affected population behaviours, understanding goods distribution network to improve recommendations, identifying the role of culture in transactional patterns, as well as most required items for every place.

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