The future of AI in the Enterprise: Entity-Event Knowledge Graphs for Data-Centric Organizations | Jans Aasman artwork
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The future of AI in the Enterprise: Entity-Event Knowledge Graphs for Data-Centric Organizations | Jans Aasman

  • S2E8
  • 37:22
  • October 4th 2021

Personalized medicine. Predictive call centers. Digital twins for IoT. Predictive supply chain management, and domain-specific Q&A applications. 

These are just a few AI-driven applications organizations across a broad range of industries are deploying.

Graph databases and Knowledge Graphs are now viewed as a must-have by Enterprises serious about leveraging AI and predictive analytics within their organization.

Franz Inc. is helping organizations deploy novel Entity-Event Knowledge Graph Solutions to gain a holistic view of customers, patients, students or other important entities, and the ability to discover deep connections, uncover new patterns and attain explainable results.

To support ubiquitous AI, a Knowledge Graph system will have to fuse and integrate data, not just in representation, but in context (ontologies, metadata, domain knowledge, terminology systems), and time (temporal relationships between components of data). 

Building from ‘Entities’ (e.g. Customers, Patients, Bill of Materials) requires a new data model approach that unifies typical enterprise data with knowledge bases such as industry terms and other domain knowledge.

Entity-Event Knowledge Graphs are about connecting the many dots, from different contexts and throughout time, to support and recommend industry-specific solutions that can take into account all the subtle differences and nuisances of entities and their relevant interactions to deliver insights and drive growth. 

The Entity-Event Data Model we present puts core entities of interest at the center and then collects several layers of knowledge related to the entity as ‘Events’.

Franz Inc. is working with organizations across a broad range of industries to deploy large-scale, high-performance Entity-Event Knowledge Graphs that serve as the foundation for AI-driven applications for personalized medicine, predictive call centers, digital twins for IoT, predictive supply chain management and domain-specific Q&A applications—just to name a few.

Here's why Entity-Event Knowledge Graphs are the future of AI in the Enterprise.

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