Beyond Familiar Faces: Finding Your Crowd  artwork
The Crowdfunding Hub

Beyond Familiar Faces: Finding Your Crowd

  • S2E7
  • 10:15
  • December 13th 2023

Join us in this short 10-minute episode as we dive deeper into the realm of finding your crowd. Building on the insights shared in Episode 4, we unveil one of Charmaine's top secrets—venturing beyond the known circles.

Discover the power of exploring groups, associations, chambers of commerce, and business networks relevant to your book.

These untapped audiences could be your greatest champions! 👥

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The Crowdfunding Hub

Welcome to the world of crowdfunding, where innovators, dreamers, and changemakers come together to fund their projects, businesses, and causes. Crowdfunding is a dynamic fundraising approach that has taken the world by storm. But here's the catch – success can be elusive, with less than half of campaigns reaching their funding goals on most platforms.

That's where The Crowdfunding Hub steps in! We're your go-to resource for all things crowdfunding, offering insights, expert guidance, and a supportive community to help you reach your fundraising goals.

Our mission is simple: revolutionize the way individuals and organizations secure capital by creating a space where crowdfunding is the heart of the conversation. Our host, Victoria Bennett ran her first campaign ten years ago, a long time in crowdfunding years. So, join us as we explore the world of crowdfunding and unlock the secrets to success!

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Season 2 on the TCH Pod is all about book projects! Have you got a book in you? Is 2024 the year the world gets to read it?

We've been teaching authors how to crowdfund book projects, and now it's time to do our book. We are doing our crowdfund as a way of teaching, so you learn by following and backing....

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