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Your Perks Primer

  • S2E3
  • 31:19
  • November 14th 2023

Perks or rewards in a crowdfunding campaign refer to incentives offered to backers who contribute to the campaign. These rewards are typically offered at different contribution levels, with higher rewards being offered for higher contribution levels.

Perks can range from small tokens of appreciation, such as a thank you note or a social media shoutout, to exclusive merchandise, early access to products, or even personalized experiences.

The idea is to offer incentives that are relevant and attractive to the target audience and motivate them to contribute to the campaign.

There are sooo many types of perks or rewards that can be offered depending on your campaign's goals and target audience and in this episode we talk about how to offer the most compelling and relevant perks (beyond a copy of your book!) to increase the success of your crowdfunding campaign.

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The Crowdfunding Hub

Welcome to the world of crowdfunding, where innovators, dreamers, and changemakers come together to fund their projects, businesses, and causes. Crowdfunding is a dynamic fundraising approach that has taken the world by storm. But here's the catch – success can be elusive, with less than half of campaigns reaching their funding goals on most platforms.

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