#001 Leveraging technology for mental well-being at the NHS with Ross O'Brien artwork
The Digital Health Podcast

#001 Leveraging technology for mental well-being at the NHS with Ross O'Brien

  • S1E1
  • 40:21
  • February 1st 2021

Have you ever wondered why we don't have the same great customer experience in healthcare as we receive in other industries?

Healthcare has often lacked the term "digital" from it, and we are excited that in episode 1, we will tackle this problem.

Our first guest is Ross O'Brien, Associate Director of Technology and Innovation at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.

Ross has been in the public health game for years and has a passion for bringing digital delivery of health services, improving the digital experience of patients, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. He talks about loving the digital comfort other industries provide their users, and how healthcare needs to shape-up in order to provide the same level of service.

In this episode, we will tackle the challenges a public health organization faces when trying to innovate. We look at onboarding vendors, not disrupting services, and how sensible innovation and strong alignment throughout can have a huge impact on patient care.

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