#003 Personalised Digital Health with Chris Easton from Takeda artwork
The Digital Health Podcast

#003 Personalised Digital Health with Chris Easton from Takeda

  • S1E3
  • 45:59
  • April 5th 2021

There is nothing more complex than the human body. Different medication and treatments can have very different reactions to different people. The answer? Personalised care. Treating each patient's individual needs is the only way to get the best health outcomes.

But who is responsible for personalising care? The pharmaceutical companies? Medical devices? Only the HCPs? No. It's bringing the entire ecosystem together, including the patient, to provide the most personalised health care.

Our guest for episode 3 is Chris Easton, Global Commercial Lead of Personalised Health & Innovation at Takeda.

Personalised health is something close to Chris' heart. He understands it's one of the building blocks for the future of healthcare, being able to analyse the data and provide the best, most personalised healthcare

In this episode, look at personalised healthcare and best practices we've seen already, while looking ahead at what the future brings. The ultimate goal is empowering HCPs and patients to make the best decisions to bring better healthcare outcomes.

We drill down on how technology, such as the power of AI working together with HCPs. We look at how to get buy-in from different stakeholders, how to maintain strong engagement from patients and how it all comes together to inform patients.

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