#004 Digital innovation in orthopaedics with Zoltan Takacs from Orthofix artwork
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#004 Digital innovation in orthopaedics with Zoltan Takacs from Orthofix

  • S1E4
  • 31:41
  • April 12th 2021

Medical devices are a huge part of the digital health revolution. They empower accurate diagnosis and the services patients can receive, and growingly through channels they prefer, such as mobile and tablet applications.

Our guest for episode 4 is Zoltan Takacs, Global Marketing Manager for foot and ankle at Orthofix, a global medical device company focused on musculoskeletal products and therapies. He moved from business development, to product and now leading the marketing efforts, giving him a true 360 degree view of the industry!

Orthopaedics has always been a step ahead in terms of technology, but not necessarily from a digital point of view. That's why Orthofix's vision is so exciting and really a disrupter in the field.

This episode we will learn why Orthofix has a modern strategy to patient engagement. Typically, patients don't even know the name of the medical device being used to monitor their health.

Zoltan talk us through why there is a change in in their strategy and the benefits medical devices organisations see from building direct relationships with patients.

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