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#006 Digital Pathology with Dominik Sievert from inveox

  • S1E6
  • 37:56
  • April 26th 2021

We have already explored so many aspects of digital health, but it's easy to overlook some of the parts which don't quite have that patient-facing side, such as pathology.

Our guest for episode 6 is Dominik Sievert, CEO of Inveox. He has a background in molecular biotechnology and economics. So he certainly has the grasp of both the scientific world and economic side of the industry.

In episode 6 we look at the consequence of the fact that when as patients we get diagnosed by pathologists, we don't have any interaction with them, but only our clinician. But how would that impact the diagnosis if the pathologist doesn't get all the context?

Consider a patient who is taking aspirin twice a day to reduce their blood pressure. They then have some pain and need to visit a gastroenterologist to check out the issue.

The gastroenterologist will send a sample to the pathologist who sees a small mark or inflammation. If they don't know the patient takes aspirin, the patient can easily get misdiagnosed with early stages of cancer, when in fact, it's just a common side-effect of aspirin!

In this episode we learn how Inveox is trying to revolutionise the industry and use digitalisation to ensure every stakeholder has a holistic view of the patient.

How can we streamline and automate data-sharing to ensure patient diagnostics is as accurate as possible? You'll learn in this episode.

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