#008 The global reach of digital health, the Ping An example with Jamie Soon artwork
The Digital Health Podcast

#008 The global reach of digital health, the Ping An example with Jamie Soon

  • S1E8
  • 42:24
  • May 10th 2021

A huge part of digital health, which is often overlooked in our conversations is IP. It's importance is often overlooked, but as we are entering the digital health revolution, it's important to be forward thinking and protect ourselves accordingly.

Our guest for episode 8 is Jamie Soon, the technical innovation manager at Essilor, the world's leading ophthalmic optics company.

She has a PHD in chemistry with a specialisation in nano-technology and has recently achieved a masters in IP Law and Management and has a particular interest in how IP effects digital health. Giving her the full insight into the topic and how it can be applied in different segments on digital health.

As technology is growing in health, the "copycat" trend follows. Jamie talks through her learnings in her thesis. Describing how while patient journeys and medical device tech is improving, the competitive advantage can disappear if you aren't protecting yourself.

Jamie discusses her academic work on Ping-An, a huge player in the Chinese market, and how some of their technology is truly ground-breaking, and the cultural dynamics about bringing some of those solutions to the west.

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