#010 New marketing channels for the health industry with Lukas Zurmuehle from Roche artwork
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#010 New marketing channels for the health industry with Lukas Zurmuehle from Roche

  • S1E10
  • 37:45
  • May 24th 2021

Digital health has many different aspects. But none of which would bring much value without being able to make the most out of the data we gather.

But how can we use patient data? There is so much potential, and complications for data that many organisations seem to miss. How can data improve patient care? How can we market solutions the patient needs? But on top of this, how can we make sure this asset is being protected.

Our guest for this episode is Lukas Zurmuehle, Head of Digital & Growth Marketing Sub Region North West & South East and Roche, global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.

He has been at Roche for over 13 years and has seen over the years big changes, but believes now we are at the right time to make those big leaps to improve patient-care.

In this episode, we look at how such an established company such as Roche has taken on the challenge of digital transformation. Having a "customer-first" approach and aligning this in other internal stakeholders to get the best outcome.

We take an in-look depth about how companies can have that "customer-first" approach by analysing the data provided. Looking at the customer journey and it can be optimised and being agile with new regulations that come in place such as GDPR.

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