#002 Bringing digital Health Solutions to market with Teri Challier from  Novo Nordisk artwork
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#002 Bringing digital Health Solutions to market with Teri Challier from Novo Nordisk

  • S1E2
  • 43:57
  • March 29th 2021

Remote care is something that is very very often spoken about especially with the rise of telehealth private companies providing video consultations during COVID-19.

But surely remote care isn't just video calls with your GP? How else can remote care help healthcare professionals provide the best care possible? How can we support caregivers and patients adopt these new technologies in the long run?

Our guest for episode 2 is Teri Challier, head of marketing at Novo Nordisk.

Teri entered the space of digital health while working for Philips' Health System (yes, the company that makes those cool Hue lightbulbs also have a big healthcare section!). Her core focus was working on solving the problems caused by sleep apnea using medical devices, and how remote monitoring with digital health meant patients and clinicians could optimize the treatment without the patient having to make regular trips to the clinic!

In this episode, we dive deep into how healthcare needs to adapt. While remote care is growing, and technology is growing, this creates new challenges. How can we ensure patients are adhering to the medication provided to them? We hear from Teri on her experiences at Novo Nordisk and Philips on how they overcame this challenge. By aligning the patient and healthcare professional together, they saw a great increase in engagement of the technology and overall retention.

Listen to find out more about Teri's experience in the remote care space and how she was able to use digital health to improve health outcomes and improve resource allocation, an ever-growing concern in healthcare.

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