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The Family Sex Show Starts Here

Created by ThisEgg • 13 episodes

The Family Sex Show Starts Here

Hello! We’re making a theatre show about sex, for families. The Family Sex Show. 

We hope the show will be part of the transformative conversations around relationships and sex being had among families and young people. One among many safe places where children and young people can feel confident to think big thoughts, away from a culture of shame, oppressive beauty standards, queerphobia, and racism. 

We’ve made this podcast, The Family Sex Show Starts Here, as an introduction to that, and to us. This particular version of the podcast is aimed at young people and adults. We’re also working on a version of this podcast that is friendly for children, so check back again soon if that’s something that might be for you. 

 In this series, we explore bodies, gender and sexuality, pleasure, relationships, and boundaries through personal stories, songs, scenes and poems. Then we have conversations jumping off those topics with artists and with Relationships and Sex Education experts.

 This podcast is made in consultation with the School of Sexuality Education. It is a podcast full of thoughts for you to finish.

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 If you’d like to find us on social media, you can do that @ThisEgg_ across Instagram and Twitter. We’re also using the hashtag #TFSS.

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 We have put specific content descriptions at the start of each episode so you can make a choice about whether or not you'd like to listen.

 This podcast series has been made by ThisEgg, is a multi-award winning theatre company that makes work inviting audiences to ask big questions and imagine a better future. ThisEgg's work is firmly rooted in the hope that theatre can be a motivational force for social change. ThisEgg aims to make people feel more connected. 


Laurence Cook & Josie Dale-Jones

Supporting Producers:

Camille Koosyial & Gayathiri Kamalakanthan

Songs by:

Stephanie Levi-John & John Biddle


John Biddle

Writers & Performers:

Josie Dale-Jones, Joe Boylan, Greta Mitchell, Mark Fitzgerald, Stephanie Levi-John, John Biddle, Katie Greenall, Amelia Cavallo, Kimberley Harvey, Keziah Joseph, Aaron Gordon, Laurence Cook, Gayathiri Kamalakanthan and Camille Koosyial

Relationship and Sex Education Consultants:

Gayathiri Kamalakanthan for School of Sexuality Education

Guest Speakers:

Bodies: Toni Lewis & Kate Lovell

Gender & Sexuality: Dr Emma Chan & Reece Lyons

Pleasure: Selina Thomson & Sreena Pluck

Relationships: Sophie Whitehead & Gayathiri Kamalakanthan

Boundaries: Matilda Feyiṣayọ Ibini & Ruth Elliot

The theatre show was originally commissioned by the egg, Theatre Royal Bath for the Leverhulme Arts Scholarship. The R&D and this podcast has been supported by public funding through Arts Council England and the National Lottery.