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The Family Vacationer


  • S1E43
  • 32:15
  • May 4th 2021

Special Guest, Tia Froehle talks with Rob and Danny about all the 49th state has to offer!

Anchorage is the highest populated city in Alaska and has 223 parks in and around this city alone! It's urban and it's wild at the same time, so you can get all the amenities that come with a major city coupled with all the outdoor activities you could want.

The state of Alaska has 8 national parks, so again, if the outdoors is your idea of the perfect vacation, this is the place for you.

Tia mentioned that Alaska is a surprising haven for foodies. Obviously, fresh seafood is never far from a menu, but diversity in culture allows for food of all kinds. Berry cobbler is also a favorite in Alaska with all of the berries that are growing in the state.

When a lot of people think of visiting Alaska, cruising is top of mind. That is definitely a fun way to visit Alaska. However, the Alaskan railroad is also an amazing way to see parts of the state that are away from ports.

Listen in to the podcast to hear about all of the super exciting places to stay and things to do! Big thank you to Tia Froehle for coming on the show!

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