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Casper, WY

  • S1E56
  • 17:31
  • September 28th 2021

what makes Casper a family travel destination all its own? I think a couple of things. Right, that's such a great question. I think number one is the accessibility. So we obviously have an abundance of outdoor rec opportunities that aren't very expensive and they're not very hard. I think you could be a novice or somebody that's intermediate and and access some of those things outdoors. Then we just have a unique array of museums and indoor activities to So I would say that we're uh maybe budget friendly too.

So I would say we're easily accessible for people with families and then it's not going to break the bank to get them here awesome. Well let's talk about the top attractions for families in and around the city. So so many? I think it depends. So if we want to start with some outdoor stuff, we have Casper mountain which is about 10 minutes from our downtown area. So that's really unique for us. You can go up and do a day trip and hike or you can do picnicking. There's so much to do up there.

Take your mountain bikes in the winter. So many things as we do have a downhill ski hill so people can do downhill skiing and nordic skiing. So we have a lit path. So if you wanna put your nordic skis on and ski at night you can do that too. I would say that some of our top attractions in the market for indoor. We are really lucky. We have the national historic interpretive center. So it's a historic museum, 20 years old next year.

But it tells the story of the Great American West and the pioneers who traveled and actually Casper is really unique in the sense that four trails converge here. So it's really that museum does a great job of telling the story of the people who made the trek west for a better life

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