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Chapel Hill, NC

  • S1E102
  • 21:36
  • November 15th 2022

If you're looking for the best college town in the US, Chapel Hill, North Carolina is certainly in that conversation. This episode goes through everything that makes Chapel Hill one of the best college towns, from the University of North Carolina to the vibrant downtown.

" UNC Chapel Hill is the oldest public university in the country."

Patty Griffin is the communications director for the Chapel Hill Orange County Visitors Bureau and a UNC graduate. She has served on the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership board and is a member of the Public Relations Society of America

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is a small college town in the US that is routinely voted as one of the best college towns. The city is known for sports, music, food, and has a multicultural community. Patty Griffin, communications director for the Chapel Hill Orange County Visitors Bureau, gives an overview of the city and some of its best features. On Saturdays in fall, the city is filled with Carolina blue as fans gear up for the football game. There are festivities Downtown and on the UNC campus, including a Tar Heel Town with tailgating, music, and inflatables for kids. For basketball game days, the Dean Smith Center is full of fans and there is also a Carolina Basketball Museum on campus. 

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