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Destin, Florida
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A recap of Rob's family vacation to Destin, FL. Find out how different this beach trip was in the time of COVID-19.

"Big thank you to @splashboardsmedia for the huge 50th anniversary sign. Go to our insta page (@thefamilyvacationer) to see the awesome sign. If you're in Destin and celebrating a special occasion, you can post a personal message for $99. My parents are still talking about the sign.

Another big shout out to @misacharters for the information on Deep Sea fishing in Destin. They don't call it the "World's Luckiest Fishing Village" for nothing. If you're planning on traveling to Destin, make sure and give Captain Eric Hayles a shout! Just do it in advance so you can make sure they're available. I just realized I mispronounced Eric's last name in the podcast. My apologies!

We mentioned that golf cart rentals are hugely popular for those folks staying at rental properties off the beach. If you're traveling to Destin in the summer and want to rent a cart, make sure and do that in advance as well!

Glad that we were able to hit some of our favorite restaurants, if only in a take out capacity this trip. @thebackporchdestin and @acmeoyster. And, I can't forget to mention @donutholeflorida and @destinicemarket30a for the amazing doughnuts and seafood respectively.

I truly love this place in case it's not completely obvious. My family has been coming here for such a long time and it never disappoints. Even in the craziest year of most of our lives, this is a wonderful oasis and a fitting place to celebrate my parents 50th anniversary.

Finally, big huge thank you to Advance Auto Parts for the assist in replacing my battery. The guys there made it easy to get us back on the road quickly. "

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