Episode 3:  Richardsons go to New Zealand
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Episode 3: Richardsons go to New Zealand
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On this episode, we're going to talk to Amy, Keith, and Azilee Richardson.  The Richardson's just got back from a three-week vacation to beautiful New Zealand. Stick around and hear all about the "Land of the Long White Cloud". 

Fun Facts about New Zealand: rugby is the national sport. The clearest lake in the world is Nelson's blue lake with the visibility up to 80 meters deep. Wellington is the southernmost capital city in the world, and there are nine sheep per each person making it the highest sheep to person ratio in the world. New Zealand was the first country to grant women the right to vote all the way back in 1893 wow. And no matter where you live in New Zealand, you're never more than 128 kilometers from the seaside. All but one scene. The Lord of the Rings movies were shot in New Zealand. 

Listen now to hear all about the Richardson's three-week adventure!

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