Eureka Springs, AR artwork
The Family Vacationer

Eureka Springs, AR

  • S1E65
  • 15:43
  • December 14th 2021

We have been fortunate to cover some really interesting and unique towns that really go all out for the Christmas season. Eureka Springs is a spectacular town to visit and Special Guest, Madison Dawson gave us many reasons why.

Victorian architecture, the mineral springs, local shops, and restaurants all make this town a must-visit at any time of year. The holidays just kick it up a notch.

With so many events, the best way to follow those is to go to There you'll find a list of activities, events, and even a list of restaurants open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Speaking of restaurants, Madison had me on the edge of me seat talking about places like Amigos, Mud Street Cafe, and Sauced to name a few.

She left us with some reasons to visit during Mardi Gras and talked about some live music festivals that had me circling them on my calendar. You'll want to as well. Listen to Episode 65 today!

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