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The Family Vacationer

Hilton Head Island

  • S1E72
  • 20:58
  • March 1st 2022

Date: March 1, 2022

Name of show: Hilton Head Island

Episode title and number: Episode 72

Brieft summary of show: Hilton Head is not your typical beach vacation. The area is relaxing by design. The area is devoid of high rise condos and is covered in bike paths. Relaxation here is by design. HHI, offers one of the highest rates of repeat visitors. Meaning if you visit once, there’s a good chance you’re coming back again. Nature is the star here. 


·     Brief history of HHI

·     What is the lowcountry?

·     Water activities on the island

·     Hilton Head’s best kept secret

·     Festivals

·     Restaurants on the island


List of resources mentioned in episode, suggested reading and social media handles:

·     Hiltonheadisland.org

·     Hiltonheadseafoodfestival.com

·     Hiltonheadfoodandwine.com

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