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  • S1E50
  • 24:38
  • August 17th 2021

Tropical rainforest, forking rivers, cascading waterfalls. They're all part of this island's charm and Hawaii is a mecca for all things outdoors and it includes eight state parks and three national Tropical Botanical gardens And maybe laying on the beach is your family's favorite vacation activity? Well, Kaua'i boasts 70 beaches to choose from. That sounds good to me, Joining us today to talk about Hawaii is Miley. Brown. Miley has been in the hospitality industry for 21 years and with the Hawaii Visitors Bureau since June of 2005. Miley sits on the advisory board for the Hawaii Hi Academy of Hospitality and Tourism and volunteers at the Hawaii Humane Society.

When she is not traveling, she was raised in Hilo and is a graduate of the University of Southern Colorado with a bachelor's degree in business and communications. After a few years of living in Las Vegas, Miley now calls Hawaii home. She's grateful to live work and represents such an amazingly beautiful island for the past 16 years, Miley, welcome to the show.

Thank you. Aloha. Hello.

Now we've talked in previous episodes about how each Hawaiian island has its own distinct personality in your opinion. Can you tell us how you would characterize the personality of Hawaii?

Well, when we're talking with travel advisors, we talk about rejuvenating and when we're branding the island, we talk about rejuvenating and it's basically an island that will reawaken that need to connect with nature. So if Kuwaiti were a person, she would be that really great, beautiful friend. That makes you feel really, really good and tight. So, um it brings out the inner child and that feeling of wonder and excitement for everything that you're experiencing and yet very laid back.

Pictures, I'm sure don't do it justice.

Yes, exactly. So for families planning, maybe the first visit to Kaua'i, what are some places that should be on the must-see list. And can you talk a little bit about the different regions of Kaua'i?

Sure. Um So the number one must-see is Nepali um It is in the book 1000 things to see before you die. So it is truly a bucket list item. But this coastline is inaccessible by car. So the only way that you can say this is by the ocean, by air, or by hiking it. So I highly recommend um actually doing it either by boat or by air tour so that you actually get to see the entire police line in all of its glory. Second when the wind canyon before the only island that's old enough to have what is essentially called the Grand Canyon of the pacific, It is absolutely spectacular. It looks like a miniature version of the Grand Canyon, but now you've got these emerald greens and these red hues. Whereas I know that the Grand Canyon is more pastel color and the canon is very, very vibrant.

Be sure to listen to the episode for more on this beautiful island.

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