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LegoLand NY

  • S1E41
  • 20:08
  • April 6th 2021

LEGOLAND New York is a theme park people have been waiting on. The Family Vacationer, ourselves, listed this park as a 2020 place to visit. LEGOLAND NY was due to open on July 4 of last year but, due to COVID-19, the opening was delayed. The park has not set an opening date yet, the excitement is building.

In some ways, this is a "Best Of" LEGOLAND with some of the favorite parts of other LEGO properties assembled in Goshen, NY. What is very similar is the feeling of walking onto a Lego set and being immersed in that world.

Episode 41 welcomed Matt Besterman, Public Relations Manager for LEGOLAND NY onto the show. Matt mentioned some fun facts about the park. There are 15,000 Lego models scattered across the resort with over 30 million Lego bricks used in LEGOLAND. The park is separated into seven lands with seven different themes. While everyone is always welcome, this part is designed for kids 2 to 12. From the water fountains to rides, the entire park is designed with the little ones in mind.

Matt was also kind enough to put an item on the top of our must-have list, Granny's Apple Fries!

The LEGOLAND Resort Hotel sounds right out of a kid's dream. Every room in the hotel has a separate sleeping area for the kiddos and they've got their own TV to binge-watch Lego movies. Disco balls and music in the elevators? Why not. Sounds like the place to be.

Dragon Coasters, a driving course for kids only, Ninjago the Ride, a Factory Tour, and more LEGOLAND NY needs to be on your list of places to travel this summer!

A very big thank you to Matt for coming on the show and talking with us about this exciting destination!

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