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  • S1E48
  • 38:41
  • August 3rd 2021

Rob and Danny welcomed Randy Parker to the show to talk about "The Valley Isle" of Maui.

Randy characterized the spirit of the island as laid back, friendly, not contrived. An island of discovery with small towns meeting natural wonders.

Must-see places on the island? Great beaches of different colors. Randy joked that you could just about go to a beach with different colored sand every day. Sunset sails, snorkel trips, helicopter rides....all things that are worth your time. How about 58 different trails for your hiking pleasure including trails that take you into a bamboo forest. Randy also mentioned the fact that Maui has 25 golf courses for the golf lovers in the family. Waterfalls are both plentiful and beautiful on the island.

Listening to the locals is good advice anywhere you travel, but the people of Maui make storytelling an art form.

Randy talked about the different regions in Maui.

One must-see is the "House of the Sun".

Another worth stop is Coconut Glen's Ice Cream or how about some banana bread?

Whale watching in Maui is unlike anywhere else in the world. The season for spotting these amazing creatures is mid November through February.

Family friendly places to stay? Hyatt Regency, Ka'anapali Beach Hotel, and the Royal Lahaina Resort to name a few.

Food!! Some restaurants that Randy suggests: Fleetwood's (especially for fans of Fleetwood Mac), try golden pineapple on a tour, The Banyan Tree, just for a few many more!

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