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  • S1E69
  • 28:58
  • February 8th 2022

Date: 1/8/2022

Name of show: Montreal with special guest, Martine Venne

Episode title and number: Episode 69

Brief summary of show: Modern Montreal is a beautiful mix of culture with french influence being unmistakable. For families, the city offers a really fun mix that will surely cater to families with Children of all ages, playful atmosphere of the city is evident in the street performers at one of the main festivals in town, animals at the biodome. The older members of the family will appreciate the culture and the architecture and not to mention the museums and art galleries. The city is pedestrian-friendly with most attractions close to a subway stop

Topics Covered

·     Neighborhoods in Montreal

·     You’re not from around here, are you? Things out of towners should know

·     Festivals in Montreal

·     What’s new in 2022

·     Bagels, Smoked Meat, and more…the food of Montreal.

·     The best way to get around the city?

·     Martine’s Favorite Spots


· The best and most up to date information on visiting the city of Montreal

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