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The Family Vacationer

New Orleans

  • S1E71
  • 36:00
  • February 22nd 2022

Date: 2/22/22

Name of show: New Orleans

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Brief summary of the show: New Orleans is well known as a place adults can have a good time. What’s lesser-known is how much of a family travel destination can be. Special Guest, Kelly Shuler talks us through all of the family-friendly options in this wonderful, unique town. 

Key topics

·     New Orleans as a family travel destination: National World War II museum, Audubon Zoo and Aquarium, Street Cars, Kids museum, and more

·     Port New Orleans: Carnival and Disney Cruises port here

·     New Orleans Neighborhoods

·     Mardi Gras

·     Chimene Grant Saloy from Audubon Zoo and Aquarium

·     New Orleans Festivals

·     Places to eat in New Orleans (Do NOT miss this part)

List of resources mentioned in episode, suggested reading and social media handles:

·     @auduboninstitute

·     @jazzfest

·     @commanderspalace

·     @preservationhall

·     @mardigrasworld

·     @jamnola

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