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Newport, RI

  • S1E52
  • 29:06
  • August 31st 2021

Newport is a beautiful town, but in your opinion, what makes it a family travel destination? Well, let me have to correct you first rob because Newport is a city, it's a city of Newport. Yes, it is a city and I know that sounds super cliche, but I have to say in the 35 plus years I've lived here. I feel like it is totally a family destination for travel. It's got a little bit of something for everybody and it's got something every single season that families are looking for.

Of course, we're in the middle of our summer season as you are aware of and it's just crazy here. It's just filled with families trying to get their vacations in before all the kids go back to school, which I love. Um and I, you know, I, I love seeing the families here, youngsters and you know with their kids, with their grandparents because again there is sailing, there is polo, there is fishing, there is kite flying, there is every kind of adventurous for recreation you can think of here.

We have this one really cool adventurous Game, not a game. It's actually an attraction called the rail explorers and it's something that you can actually get on a rail car, it rides the railroad tracks and it takes you from one point of the island to the next and it's something that you can do if you're 88. It's a really fun new attraction and it runs from, you know, it's really cool and that's just one of the many, I mean you know when I talk about all the things that are to see and do here, I like to also talk about seasonally.

So you know in the coming up in the fall we have apple picking, we have corn mazes, we have a harvest festival, we have boats. We have an amazing haunted for it that scares me a little bit sometimes. But you know, I like to say that Newport, you know, we don't have water slides, we don't have, you know, a theme park, but I think that when you look at our destination in a hole and especially nowadays where families want to come to a destination and educate and Danny, you as a teacher can appreciate this and also inspire their Children.

This is the destination for it because we really do have living history celebrations here and there are a lot of hands-on activities that kids can do to learn about the past um to prepare them for the future. One, you know, one of the things I love to do is take my Nieces and nephews to the breakers for their children's tour, which is really something it's 45 minutes long and it gives kids an overview of the mansion. It talks about architecture, but it also does it in a really fun way the kids enjoy.

So they talk about, you know, there's dolphins underneath the staircase and there are lions in the music room and in the dining room and they actually talk about the Children of the Vanderbilt family that actually lived there and what they used to do, like sliding down the banister and just getting into, you know, activities and getting into some ruckus that they weren't really supposed to be getting into. So it's kind of a neat little overview. I also liked the part of the museums that we have here, we have car museums, we have tennis museums, we have a brand new sailing museum That is going to be super hands-on interactive for kids next.

That's opening next year actually in 2022, which is very exciting for us as we are the sailing capital of the world as you know. Again, you know, I kind of going all over the map as far as talking about what we do in the summer and the fall in the winter. But you know, there are, when I say there's something for everybody here. There really is, if you don't like to go on a boat, you don't have to, you can, you know, stay on land, you can be a million playgrounds and parks and you know, kite flying is one of the biggest things that we do a hair at Brenton park, there's a bicycle or you can rent bicycles, you can, just to do a little bit of everything.

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