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  • S1E49
  • 43:29
  • August 10th 2021

One of the best things about speaking to people about these different destinations is the obvious passion displayed for these amazing locations.  This week this is absolutely true as Danny and Rob welcome Karishma Chowfin. Her love for Oahu is contagious. 

One of the interesting things Karishma pointed out was that Hawaii and Oahu, specifically, is a perfect place for multigenerational travel. Oahu has great museums, beaches, hiking, and has a unique blend of town and country experiences. 

Karishma suggested a town and country experience where you take in the urban areas of Oahu and experience the countryside. Visiting the resort areas of Waikiki and then visiting the north shore.  

Some interesting places to visit:

Bishop Museum

Called the Smithsonian of the Pacific

“The have a planetarium that shows you the Hawaiian night sky with this amazing planetarium show when you go visit.”

Iolani Palace - The only royal palace in the US.

The Pearl Harbor National Memorial - An absolute must.  

Waikiki Aquarium - Small, intimate, and one of the oldest aquariums in the US.

Honolulu Zoo - Twilight tours where you can see all the animals that come to life at night

Koloa Private Nature Reserve - The place where most of the Jurassic Park movies were filmed. 

Gunstock Ranch - North shore destination where you can horseback ride and help in reforestation efforts.

Polynesian Cultural Center - A great place to learn and very interactive 

Karishma talked about the importance of booking your rental car as far in advance as possible considering the rental car shortage all over the US. 


Prince Lot Hula Festival

Hawaiian Food and Wine

Food! You know we’re talking about food. Karishma talked about what a plate lunch looks like in Oahu. 

Malasada’s – “Portuguese Fried Dough” These just sound amazing!

Leonard’s Bakery

Poi is a must-try food as well. 

For more, listen to Episode 49!

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