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Saving Money on your Family Vacation

  • S1E85
  • 38:30
  • June 28th 2022

Rob and Danny welcome writer and investigative reporter, Claire Trageser to the show to give you some tips on how to save money on your next family vacation!

Here are her tips:

1. Be flexible.

2. Stay outside the city center.

3. Know where to look for deals.

4. Book early.

5. Or book at the last minute. *As a travel agent, this is the one that scares me right now. Last minute deals do still exist, but traveling last minute is super scary right now and you run the risk of missing out on the vacation you want. Now, if you are applying No. 1 to this one as well and it's ok if you don't get the vacation you're looking for during a certain time frame? Go for it.

6. Use your kids to get deals.

6. Try a volunteer trip.

7. Rent out your house while you're away.

8. Consider a home swap.

9. Try a resort with deals.

10. Try the “Robin Hood Hack.”

11. Add family trips to your business travel.

12. Try local experiences

13. Learn about other discounts

14. Find a place with a kitchen.

15. Ship your stuff instead of checking bags.

16. Beware extra car rental fees.

Lots of really great information in her article at:

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