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The Family Vacationer

The Family Vacationer Episode 6 Let's Go RV'ing!

  • S1E6
  • 25:02
  • October 8th 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to show number six of the family vacation, on this episode we're talking about traveling by RV. We'll get you all the insight information, tips and tricks for a successful road trip and we'll interview the Williams family who take regular trips by RV with their two boys, ages 10 and five and still managed to maintain their sanity. That's all coming up on this episode of the family vacationer right now.

I'm Rob and I'm Danny and welcome to the family vacation or if you're an RV traveler or you've ever considered traveling about RV, this is your episode. RV travel is a rapidly growing trend across the US with more and more people selling their homes in favor of a mobile permanent residence that allows them to set out on a permanent site seeing adventure. But even if you're not wanting a permanent change, RV travel is great for hitting the road with a plan or just playing it by ear. And so they were talking about how to make the most out of your RV vacation. So, Rob, my question is, have you ever traveled in an RV? I have Dan. We had, we had an RV as a young teenager. I think it was, I don't remember a lot of the trips 

What about you? I've never owned one, but I have been able to travel in one a little bit. You know, I've done a few hours here. I actually stayed overnight and in one several times and they're really cool. But I mean this is a growing trend, man. People are selling their homes and doing this. It's just really getting to be popular. It seems like every time I turn around I'm hearing about somebody else that has just sold everything and hit the road. Okay. So we thought we'd bring in the experts for RV travel. Today we have with us, Rick and Mitzi Williams. Rick and Mitzi have an RV and they travel every year to multiple destinations where their two boys ages 10 and five and best of all, they make lots and lots of memories. Ric and Mitzi welcome to the show. Thank you. Glad to be here. Okay, so let's start with what got you guys interested in RV travel? 

I think just enjoying traveling to start off with early on in our marriage we figured out that we could tolerate riding in the car together for extended periods of time without needing to see a counselor afterward. 

Yeah. We figured out, most people can't do that. I guess it was a strong marriage, which is really cool. And then not too long after we got married, we got our first camper and we figured out, Hey, it's even cooler to travel when you've got a kitchen and a bathroom behind you. And then we moved up to the motor home. It's even closer to you. So it just makes things easier. 

Yeah. So we've, we've experimented through, I think now for campers at various sizes and types, but, uh, the motor home, once we decided we were going to take long trips with two boys, um, and then, you know, the woman's side of me loves the fact that I know who last cleaned the bathroom. I know that those are my sheets. I know when the sheets were washed, I know who cleaned the kitchen, things like that. So just, that's kind of the, the mom slash wife part of me that likes kind of controlling that part of our travel too. So. So tell us about your RV. What all does it have on it? 

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