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The Florida Keys

  • S1E20
  • 33:55
  • June 9th 2020

Big thank you to Britt Myers of Keys Weekly ( for coming on the show and sharing some of his favorite places in the Florida Keys!

Things to do in the Keys

  1. Hemingway House
  2. Turtle Hospital
  3. Dolphin Research Center
  4. Key West Butterfly Conservatory
  5. Fort Jefferson
  6. Snorkling
  7. History of the Dive Museum
  8. Fort Zachary Taylor
  9. Sportfishing

Favorite Places to Eat in the Keys

  1. La Trattoria
  2. 2 Friends Patio
  3. Blue Heaven
  4. Little Pearl
  5. Pierre's
  6. Old Taverner
  7. Ziggy and Mad Dogs
  8. Castaways
  9. Keys Fishery
  10. Alabama Jacks

Festivals in the Keys

  1. Hemingway Days
  2. Fantasy Fest
  3. Mini Lobster Season
  4. Marathon Seafood Festival (Mid March)
  5. Key West Seafood Festival (Mid January)
  6. Key Lime Fest

Places to stay

  1. Vacation Rentals
  2. Castle Marina
  3. Pier House
  4. Southern Most Beach Resort
  5. Hawk's Cay Resort
  6. Isla Bella
  7. Cheeka Lodge
  8. The Moorings Village
  9. The Islander
  10. The Bungalos in Mariners Club

If you do visit, make sure you tell them where you first saw and heard about their restaurant/attraction/resort!!

Secrets of the Locals

  1. Do not pronounce the ch in Conch when ordering Conch Fritters (Konk)
  2. Order the Dolphin. It's not flipper. Mainlanders call it Mahi-Mahi, but don't order it using that name in the Keys. Say Dolphin.
  3. Find and talk with locals. Ask questions. Listen to their stories. They may not always be true, but they'll always be entertaining.

If you're ready to start planning your Florida Keys vacation, drop me a line at [email protected] and let's get you and your family traveling again!

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