The Spring Break Edition
The Family Vacationer
The Spring Break Edition
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Welcome to the Spring Break edition of the Family Vacationer.  Snow may still be on the ground where you are, but we’re looking ahead to warmer weather!  It’s not too late to plan your family’s fun-filled spring break vacation.  How to plan and where to go?  It’s all on the Family Vacationer!

Some questions to help in your Spring Break Planning

A.   How long do you want to be gone?

B.   What is the defining factor in where you go?  (Price?  Location?  Activity?)

C.   Are you going to someplace familiar or someplace new?

D.   Is it a traditional spring break destination?  If so….plan as early as possible

E.   Flying or driving?

F.   Just your family or will friends and/or family coming with?

H.   Consider additional fees

                   1. Luggage Fees

                   2.  Airport Transfers

                   3.  Car Rental

                   4.  Clothing/Gear needed for trip

                   5.  Travel insurance!!

                   6.  Souvenirs

                   7.  Parking fees/tolls

*   Plan Early!  The earlier you plan, the more time you have for research, to use a payment plan, to make corrections if something comes up and the more likely you are to save money!

*  If you’ve decided to go someplace “off Peak” during Spring Break, understand why it’s off-peak and plan against that (trip insurance for a cruise because it’s hurricane season, make sure there’s plenty for your tribe to do if it’s Vail in the spring, etc).  

2020 Destinations

1.     San Diego  

2.    Grand Canyon

3.   Outer Banks

4.  Bahamas

5.  Orlando

6.  Anaheim

Please don't forget to go check out Danny as The Language Tutor on Youtube.  Danny makes learning a foreign language easier and a whole lot of fun!

If you need assistance planning your vacation, contact Rob at either [email protected] or [email protected]  His services as a travel agent are always free to you!

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