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The First Ever Podcast

Claudio Sanchez: Capturing Moments I Could Never Recreate

  • E16
  • 54:27
  • October 21st 2020

Jeremy talks to Claudio Sanchez, lead singer and guitarist for Coheed & Cambria. 

During this episode they discuss how Claudio was captivated by the artists he saw on MTV growing up, his parent’s diverse taste in music, being invited to watch Sting perform, how Star Wars influenced Coheed and Cambria’s concept albums, the story behind Claudio’s first band Dark Ecstasy, learning to play guitar on his Dad’s old acoustic, getting disqualified from a Battle of the Bands for a flyer that was deemed ‘too edgy’, grasping the fundamentals of song structure from Misfits’ Legacy of Brutality, Claudio and Jeremy’s shared love of Leonard Cohen, starting Shabütie in 1995, the meaning behind The Amory Wars, Coheed and Cambria’s origins, transitioning from Equal Vision records to Columbia, acclimatising to life on a major label, Claudio’s memories of how it felt to get in a van and go on tour for the first time, and more. 

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