Yi Chao and The Story of Seatrec: Developing Ocean Tech for a Sustainable Future artwork
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Yi Chao and The Story of Seatrec: Developing Ocean Tech for a Sustainable Future

  • E1
  • 15:32
  • April 15th 2024

In this episode of Founders Way, Yi Chao, the founder of Seatrec, shares his journey from working at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab to starting his own company. Yi discusses the development of Seatrec's underwater robotic system, designed to collect ocean data using clean and renewable energy. He highlights the challenges of commercializing deep tech innovations, the importance of identifying a market need, and the company's progress in developing a market-fit product. Yi also emphasizes the role of early adopters, supply chain management during COVID, and the significance of assembling a dedicated team. Additionally, he talks about Seatrec's contribution to climate change solutions through their technology, which replaces diesel-powered data collection with an environmentally friendly alternative. This episode offers insights into the entrepreneurial mindset, the importance of persistence, and the impact of innovative technology on environmental conservation.


00:00 Welcome to Founders Way: Introducing Yi Chao

00:33 The Genesis of Seatrec: From NASA to Startup

01:42 The Leap of Faith: Transitioning from JPL to Entrepreneurship

03:48 Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Milestones

06:45 Navigating the Sales and Market Fit Landscape

11:09 Building a Strong Team and Cultivating Early Adopters

14:19 Seatrec's Environmental Mission: Saving the Oceans

15:55 Wrapping Up and Looking Forward

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