Cynthia James Cyberus Security interview
Freshstart Podcast with Author D.L. Henning
Cynthia James Cyberus Security interview
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http://StopIDTheft.co I'm pleased to welcome Cynthia James to this Freshstart TV interview. Cynthia is an expert in cybersecurity and runs a cybersecurity training and coaching business called

http://CyberusSecurity.com . Cynthia works with CEO's of major corporations and small business owners all across the United States, training them how to protect their business from debilitating online attacks that cost over $2 BILLION in losses nationwide just last year. She has spent over a decade in cybersecurity working for a global cyber intelligence firm. Along the way she got her Masters in from George Washington University in Cybersecurity Strategy and Information management and picked up some prestigious security certifications, She has also written a book called “Don’t Let Cybercrime Ruin Your Life! Sixty Secrets to Keep You Safe” which you can get on Amazon. Today she’s here to give us 5 quick and easy tips for being safer online and keeping our businesses and families safer.


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