Nick Palermo- Washed Out to World Changer
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Nick Palermo- Washed Out to World Changer
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"Don't let someone's opinion of you become your reality" Les Brown

How Young Life Capernaum Ministry to Disabled Spans Three Decades, Over 210 Communities and Over 48 Countries.

It was at Woodleaf Camp in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California that I met Nick Palermo from San Jose. There he told me the story about how he was led to start a special ministry within Young Life called Capernaum that reaches out to physically challenged youth. Nick handed me one of his books, "Missing Stars, Fallen Sparrows" and while on a plane trip I devoured the entire book. Having provided for my son Jeffrey years earlier who had cerebral palsy, it was an immediate connection for me with Nick. Since retiring from Young Life, Nick is at it again! He's on a new mission, founding EmmausInnMinistries.org for disabled adults

in the greater San Jose area


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