How to Get the Best ID Theft Protection, with Avi Gingold
Freshstart Podcast with Author D.L. Henning
How to Get the Best ID Theft Protection, with Avi Gingold
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Executor Director Avi Gingold with LegalShield, a 46 year old civil rights protection company, talks with Dave Henning about the very real threat of identity theft attacking American families and businesses everywhere today. Avi explains how to get the most help when you need it most. Watch on YouTube

IDShield with do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to completely restore your identity if stolen.

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Get protection. Apply online today.This is one of my most comprehensive interviews with an expert on getting legal help at an affordable price for any legal question or help you need. Not only that, with the Identity Theft protection plan, you will have your own Licensed Private Investigator and the most comprehension service in America backed with an unlimited service guarantee AND a $1 million personal reimbursement insurance policy. Protect yourself from the evils of having your identity stolen and your life ruined by the predators of the dark web. Hear relevant stories how this service can help you, your family, your business, and even your corporation as a voluntary employee benefit today at no cost to the employer. Connect with Dave:

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