WesTech Business Solutions Bob Krueger interview with Dave Henning
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WesTech Business Solutions Bob Krueger interview with Dave Henning
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https://westechbusiness.com/ Today, Dave Henning with Freshstart Podcast interviews the founder and leader of Westech Business Solutions, Bob Krueger. Bob shares his vast experience and background as a former Lockheed Martin engineer and sales trainer who works with a variety of small business as an expert consultant, zeroing in on real results through implementation, for his clients

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Westech employs this methodology:

1. A 5-step engineering process to analyze, solve, and implement solutions to key problems

2. Analysis & Optimization of existing processes (& establishing new processes where none exist)

3.Training and optimization based on "people" orientation

4. Measuring performance improvement relative to baseline references

5.Executive leadership coaching to re-align within a strategic operating mode

6. Small Business Optimization Program


"WesTech Business Solutions helped our company greatly with a keen insight on overall operations, defining management position, and identifying key strategic responsibilities for all partners.

By hiring WesTech our family-run small business was able to regain our footing, achieve buoyancy and initiate forward motion during a critical time. Our time spent utilizing WesTech's services helped our business by positioning us for future successes that would not have been attained without Bob Krueger's insight and direct consultations.

WesTech was critical in the turn-around of our company, and we would like to whole heartedly recommend their services for any small business that would like to achieve immediate and lasting results and take it to the next level.

Since employing their services we have been able to expand to a second location and hold steady in the strong business practices that were introduced by WesTech staff. We are grateful and are better business owners now because of our experience with this solid consulting firm." K.D

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