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The Friday Nooner

Raleigh-Durham Startup Week’s Chris Heivly Recaps Event

  • E29
  • 44:43
  • April 22nd 2022

Pete, Joe, and Chantal talk CNN+ shutdown and Pete's parody Twitter account before welcoming featured guest Chris Heivly. You may know him best for co-founding MapQuest, his current venture Build The Fort, or of course, one of the organizers for Raleigh-Durham Startup Week.

The Friday Nooner

The Friday Nooner covers the week in tech in the Triangle and beyond—when it’s not diving down random rabbit holes—in a fast-paced half-hour-and-change.

This program is produced by GrepBeat and co-hosted by GrepBeat Managing Editor Pete McEntegart and GrepBeat Godfather Joe Colopy.

In addition to this podcast, The Friday Nooner can also be viewed live each Friday at Noon (ET) on LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube, or watched afterward on those same platforms.

Meet the Hosts

Joe Colopy  avatar
Joe Colopy
GrepBeat Godfather

Joe is the founder and "Godfather" of GrepBeat. He is a seasoned entrepreneur as founder and CEO of Bronto Software and a tech investor in the Triangle area.

Pete McEntegart  avatar
Pete McEntegart
Managing Editor at GrepBeat

Pete oversees its content machine on a day-to-day basis. Before GrepBeat, he was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, a sportswriter at Sports Illustrated, a comedy writer for TV/film, and a tech startup Co-Founder and COO.