Why Is AI Considered The Future of Marketing? Interview with Bant Breen from Qnary artwork
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Why Is AI Considered The Future of Marketing? Interview with Bant Breen from Qnary

  • S1E15
  • 26:12
  • April 21st 2021

Dear Marketers, before you set up an elaborate sales funnel (which by the way are becoming somewhat prehistoric) with email and a functioning website. Have you considered AI (beyond a chatbot) and machine learning to do the heavy lifting?

Today's guest is Bant Breen, Noted Marketing and Media Executive, Entrepreneur and Academic from Qnary, an executive reputation management company.

Qnary is one of the fastest growing companies according to both INC. and Entrepreneur magazines.

Bant has kindly agreed to come onto the show and share with us his insights and expertise of what is to come in regards to Artificial Intelligence and why Marketers, who work in an industry that quickly adopts technology is lagging behind a little bit when it comes to machine learning. A fascinating insight into what is coming up around the corner.

To check out more about Qnary visit https://www.qnary.com.au/ or to check out Bant's work visit https://www.bantbreen.com/

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