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Saving The Environment One Belt At A Time

  • S1E89
  • 32:36
  • June 14th 2022

Expertise Reimagined & Marc Cordon present

Saving The Environment One Belt At A Time w/ Renia Pruchnicki

“It’s really important to listen to your inner and be who you are joyfully no matter what kind of judgment you might get from friends or family members… You deserve to be happy." - Renia Pruchnicki

Truth belts have done it again! They've created something that's both great for the environment and something that keeps my pants up!

This time they’ve crafted their belt using groundbreaking sustainable materials, like CACTUS!

Now’s your time to elevate your wardrobe, while also helping to save our planet.

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BTW I'm not an affiliate.

Renia has always known that she was creative. Now years later, she has successfully launched a campaign that has already doubled her fundraising goals...on the first day on Kickstarter.

This podcast is a masterclass in creating a business that is not only profitable but one that improves the environment.

Ok. Enough Copy. Listen up.

You'll be glad that you did.

🌵 🌵 🌵 🌵 

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