Addiction, Roller Derby & Coming Home w/ Carry Dodge aka TorcHer Pt 1 of 3 artwork
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Addiction, Roller Derby & Coming Home w/ Carry Dodge aka TorcHer Pt 1 of 3

  • S1E86
  • 21:06
  • June 7th 2022

Expertise Reimagined & Marc Cordon present

The Golden Mic Podcast

Addiction, Roller Derby, & Coming Home w/ Carry Dodge aka TorcHer Pt 1 of 3

"I've thrown my hands up and said, 'You know what? I have to move forward because being stagnant, living in that, and expecting people to react differently, is just repeating crazy.'" - Carry Dodge

Carry didn't sign up for this! She didn't sign up to be traumatized over and over again. She never thought that speaking up against her perpetrators to only be written off by her family.

When seeing the world through her eyes, it makes sense that she escaped from a world that traumatized her and then wrote her off.

It makes sense that those escapist behaviors turned into an addiction.

And as a result of her addiction, Carry was incarcerated. And it was in behind those bars that Carry would experience the life she always deserved - a new identity, a new freedom, and a new family.

This is an instant classic.

Carry isn't plugging any business or program.

She's simply telling her story to give hope to someone who's experiencing homelessness.

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Ok. Enough Copy. Listen up.

You'll be glad that you did.


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