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How to Negotiate with Your Brain w/ Aliki Ko Pt 1 of 2

  • S1E84
  • 31:10
  • May 24th 2022

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How to Negotiate with Your Brain w/ Aliki Ko Pt 1 of 2

When Aliki was growing up, her parents were concerned. They were concerned because Aliki wanted to do something no one could stop her - including them. Wouldn't you have a bit of anxiety about your offspring knowing she was destined to do something incredible but didn't actually know what that something was?

Sometimes Aliki didn't know what her big impact would be. Was it working for the Olympics? Was it traveling all over the world?

It was none of those things. That's when Aliki came to believe that the searching wasn't externally, it was internal. She explored her inner-verse, she found meditation. She found energy. She found a way to negotiate with the rational brain.

She loved that she was a dreamer inside of a doer's skin and became an exponential entrepreneur, futurist, and founder of the Warriors 4 Elements tribe.

She believes in the infinite potential of humankind and is dedicated to transforming business into a force for good. Founder of Mindful Experience GmbH she creates practices & tools for human upgrade through cutting edge science of consciousness on Water for comm-UNITY, grids of regenerative destinations like Conscious Gems, innovating pathways for deep human trust and sustainable models of exchange of the 4 capitals. Aliki doesn’t get bored of exploring the limits of human connection through immersive experiences, collective intelligence methods, and deep connection between business and (our) wild nature as Warriors 4 elements.

Aliki's origin story is fire. And I'm so grateful to have met her at Shift/Co

Here are a few topics you don't want to miss:

3:14 Growing up with a rational father and a naturally intuitive mother

04:25 How Aliki never had a real "dream" as a child

08:31 The life-changing empowerment that came from doing inner work

13:50 The observation about how high-society seems to understand natural law

18:27 Neurofeedback & Spirituality

24:15 How your company is a reflection of your inner-world

28:42 How business and spirituality are the same

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