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How to Negotiate with Your Brain w/ Aliki Ko Pt 2 of 2

  • S1E85
  • 33:22
  • May 29th 2022

Expertise Reimagined & Marc Cordon present

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How to Negotiate with Your Brain w/ Aliki Ko Pt 2 of 2

"I'm seeing a world where each one of us is able to be fully supported, to have everything that we need exactly at the moment where we need it without effort - just naturally being able to exchange and have everything that is needed." - Aliki Ko

Join our guest Aliki Ko who shares an incredible way to think about ourselves - ecosystems that are comprised of elements.

And as ecosystems, it's our goal to reach a balance between those elements.

For instance, have you ever found a time in your life where it felt like your world is burning down like a California forest fire? It can be thought of as a time of death & destruction.

But here's the thing, without those fires, nutrients couldn't replenish the soil. Soon enough wildflowers and vegetation will be sprouting up and flourishing. 

Aliki talks about how this effects our personal, business and spiritual lives.

Here are a few topics you don't want to miss:

01:32 -The counterintuitive nature of making an impact on an exponential level?

03:46 - How every person is an ecosystem containing four elements that strive to reach a balance

05:07 - How to apply the four elements to entrepreneurship?

09:34 - How perceived self-destruction can be seen as a necessary growth phase

17:00 - Breakdowns can be seen as breakthroughs

21:45 - Big shifts are coming 

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